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There’s no such thing as old age; there is only sorrow.”

With the passing of time, I have learned that this, though true, is not the whole truth.

The truth is that everything is perfectly swell. No wrinkling of the skin, no brittle bones, no muscle wasting and no slowing down. All diseases are conquered. So is old age.

You think I should stop dreaming?

Biological aging is our inescapable fate and no one is spared – but what if we can modify it?

Science has advanced so much that we now know what causes the symptoms of old age.

While delivering a never-ending spring of life may not be a possibility; with the knowledge we acquired over many years of research, we have made it possible to slow down aging and have a youthful, happy, and healthy old age – bereft of diseases.

This is done with the help of hormones.

The life of every individual, physical appearance, organ and psychic health, are dominated largely by these hormonal secretions that rule their make-up.

Thousands of men and women have sought a mythological fountain of youth. The Human Growth Hormone offers something incomparable and takes us closer to what we all seek.

Researchers found that boosting Human Growth Hormone in the body of aging populations can bring back the fervor of youth, from inside out.

This revelation led to a spate of HGH products entering the market. Everywhere you look, there are products staring at you – promising blissful youth.

But as is wont to be, most manufacturers are out to make boat loads of money riding on this HGH wave and do not hesitate to resort to unsafe means to get to their goal.

Believe me, the fact that most products don’t work is the least of your worries, you should be more worried about the irreversible health problems some of the HGH products cause.

This is where my research and experience may be able to help you. I have spent hundreds of hours working with my team – finally arriving at the conclusion that of all the human growth hormone products on the market, there are very few that are 100% safe and make a positive difference to your life.

Weeding out the unwanted has been the biggest challenge for me.

But I would never ever suggest anyone to go blindly by any recommendation – even those made by me. It is important to understand how hormones work and the safest way to use them.

Let’s get down to creating that knowledge base.

First things first – what exactly is this Human Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is secreted by the pituitary gland, which is a trusted veteran among the internal secretory organs.

Also called the master gland, it is a lump of tissue about the size of a pea lying at the base of the brain, a very short distance behind the root of the nose.

This gland is extraordinarily well protected, it persists throughout the life, and it enjoys abundant blood supply, secretes the most essential hormones – making it vitally important. It may look insignificant and unpretentious with its graying-yellow color, but no other gland of internal secretion can substitute for it.

The pituitary gland releases the human growth hormone into the blood and as it circulates around the body.

The human growth hormone has been around since the 1990s, used for both humans and animals. It is a substance with many marvelous functions:

Why does our body show signs of aging?

The Human Growth Hormone is produced naturally within our body by the anterior pituitary gland all our lives. However, the production of HGH reduces dramatically as age progresses.

This happens because the body does not need it for growing once we cross a certain age, and aging signs begin to show. It is greatest during early life in children when the body is growing. While this is naturally produced in the body and the levels are dependent on age; they also vary to a certain extent based on other factors like diet and exercise.

Doctors say that a remarkable degeneration of the individual takes place if only the anterior lobe is taken away: dry skin, loss of hair, dull mentality, sometimes epilepsy, and a noticeable craving for and tolerance of sweets.

While it is used to correct a host of genetic and other problems in children and adults, it is only in the recent years that it has gained considerable interest as an anti-aging drug.

Facing the progression of age and bodily changes

Childhood and puberty is when the secretion of the human growth hormone is at its highest. The growth spurts in children happen because the HGH production is at its peak. Enter 30’s and your body undergoes a sea change. In your 40s, things change drastically and the changes in the body become more noticeable.

The growth hormone production becomes lesser. It’s almost like a monster successfully catching up with you, and all your best efforts go in vain.

The downside is the much dreaded “aged look” that we all hate so much; whether it is the accumulation of fat around the waist or the unveiling of the unsightly wrinkles.

This is just a small list of the problems caused from growth hormone reduction and aging. With the law of diminishing returns coming into operation, does it mean the time has come to say goodbye to everything good in life?

Of course not! We are fortunate to live in the age of medical advances. Research in Human Growth Hormone replacement has been going on for many years. We now have solutions that can help us safely reverse the damage and prolong our youthful look.

Among other accolades, the pituitary gland is called “Nature’s darling treasure.” 

Does replenishing the body with this magical hormone, change everything for us? Can we wish away our wrinkles and lines, even as we continue to age? Does it have the capacity to bring back the vigor associated with youth?

I know you and hundreds around the globe are looking for answers. You must have done your due diligence but with a zillion options on the market – not knowing how to separate the wheat from the chaff, this is easier said than done.

Out of all the HGH options, are there any that work?

Here are some of the well-known HGH replacement alternatives:

  • HGH injections
  • Oral sprays
  • Natural supplements

HGH Injection: One of the best proven ways of HGH absorption into the bloodstream is through injections, as the hormone enters the blood directly and the results are immediate. They are administered either subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

You must have seen many celebrities endorsing these injections and the fact is many of them have used HGH injections.

But HGH injections cost between $1000-$2500 per month and that makes them prohibitively expensive. These injections can only be obtained through a prescription. But most insurance companies don’t cover the cost of synthetic drugs.

Even if you can get your hands on HGH injections, their usage is highly controversial and potentially risky because of the nasty side effects.

HGH Oral Sprays: Studies show that HGH being a big molecule does not pass through the membranes in the mouth, stomach or intestines.

Although, there is no proof that these sprays work, there are some claims that some HGH sprays contain a “polymer” that allows the hormone to pass through.

So, if HGH injections are dangerous and you are not sure if HGH sprays work, is there anything that does?

Fortunately, yes!

Natural HGH Releasers: HGH releasers are pills or supplements in tablet form that are taken like vitamins. They stimulate the pituitary gland into producing more growth hormone.

Almost all HGH supplements claim to use pure herbs. But reality is different from what is projected. My research showed that there are very few supplements that use 100% natural herbs and not synthetic ingredients.

This is the safest option available today, as you are not injecting any synthetic growth substance into your body, ruling out any side effects.

How does one determine which HGH Supplements are the best?

How would you know where to look when these supplements are being thrown at you from all directions?

I have conducted a multi-stage research study along with my team to weed out the unwanted.

I am totally excited to find a few genuine HGH products that are superior to others and also do what they are meant to.

These supplements have been tested extensively and have produced good results consistently.

GenF20 Plus

98% Success Rate
Manufactured by an FDA certified lab, GenF20 is being favored by users around the world because of the results. The ingredients used are a combination of an effective amino peptide and natural vitamins. User reviews have been great for this product. The company offers a 67-day 100% money back guarantee.


90% Success Rate
GenFX is a clinically tested and proven HGH releaser that stimulates the body into producing more human growth hormone. We did not find a single filler or binder during testing. Using plant and animal based natural compounds, GenFX is 100% side-effects free. It comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

HGH Energizer

85% Success Rate
The third on our list is a product called HGH Energizer, which has an estimated 89% success rate. This is a new product but one that has been receiving good reviews. HGH Energizer has Human Growth Hormone factors and natural HGH amino acid releasers. Studies show that it is highly effective in the functioning of the immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, and circulatory systems. There are absolutely no side effects and comes with a 90-day guarantee.

Product Name

GenF20 Plus


HGH Energizer

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60 days

90 days





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Official Website

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My team pulled all stops and arrived at the best possible conclusion during our research on HGH products.

Our very own ranking system touches upon every single factor; such as the quality of the product, results, side-effects, customer service, customer satisfaction, money-back guarantees and user reviews from different age groups, and we decided the order of the above products.

My in-depth research on the HGH products on the market convinced me that nothing else compares with GenF20 Plus and GenFX.

Reasons behind finalizing GenF20 Plus and GenFx as the safest and most viable HGH options

My numero uno choice is without doubt GenF20 Plus and GenFX comes a close second.

GenF20 Plus comes from an FDA certified lab

Anything that comes from an FDA certified lab gives us a secure feeling. And GenFX comes from GMP accredited pharmaceutical quality labs, which are known for their high standards.

Both the companies offer money-back guarantee. GenF20 Plus offers a 67-day guarantee and GenFX offers a guarantee for 60-days.

Both use purely herbal ingredients and were effective, and I went with reviews from hundreds of people who have actually used them.

The ratings were also given based on user’s experiences and my own research.

In consultation with my team, we decided to list a third alternative – HGH Energizer, because it has absolutely no side effects.

The only drawback being, it takes longer than the other two in showing results and the effectiveness is slightly less based on user reviews.

We recommend you use one of the first two products

What have you got to lose? There is absolutely no health risk. You don’t have to worry about money, since all of them offer money-back guarantees.

The official websites for GenF20 Plus and GenFX are www.GenF20Plus.com and www.GenFX.com.

Caution: Use one supplement at a time. Never ever combine two.

I sincerely hope you have learned something from this page. My intention is to make life easier and spare you the risk of trying products that harm you.

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